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Weekend Thoughts – 8


  • An investment philosophy is not available next door. It gets built over a period of time. One needs to go through a lot of ups and downs in order to visualize what really works best for him/her.
  • If you want to be a cricketer, you need to practice 10-12 hours a day. While it’s exactly opposite when it comes to investing. With an extremely low activity, you can generate one of the best results in the long-term.
  • The sparks of Warren Buffett picking a minority stake in Paytm have been flying for quite a while now. Certainly, a big boost for tech startups in India. It clearly indicates the huge potential of technical breakthroughs that are happening in India.
  • Money is put at risk when invested in equities. But when it’s well diversified over a set of quality companies, it grows considerably in the long-term. Money is put at risk too when kept in a savings account. And the inflation risk ensures that you fail to achieve your goals.
  • The buy-and-hold strategy doesn’t mean Buy-and-Forget. It means Sitting Passively and Observing Actively.
  • When we wrap our mentality around a long-term orientation, we start competing against ourselves. It’s too difficult to manage emotions for such a huge timespan.
  • Based on the bits of advice from the business news channels, most of us invest in order to reap the profits at the end of the day. A time horizon of just 1-day. Is buying quality and waiting not important? Is today really important?
  • The way we behaved in past can be one of the best indicators to show how we would react during future declines. In the hindsight, we may now look at the past declines as opportunities but show the same irrational behavior whenever a decline would happen in future.


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