Weekend Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts – 7


  • If the recent selloff couldn’t deter your investing discipline then the upcoming 4 State Elections, General Elections, Spike in Oil Prices, further Depreciation in INR, CAD, Sanctions on Iran in Nov, Hike in US Rates mustn’t impact it either. Macros are not going to improve soon
  • Due to the recent sell-off in small & midcap space, many quality scrips had to bear the brunt too. The gains made in 2017 have been wiped out in 2018. But don’t be disheartened. Continue investing in the quality companies. Going forward, you’ll surely reap the benefits
  • Some of the stocks rise due to their strong fundamentals. While a few others rise in the anticipation that they’ll perform well in the near future
  • There are many companies that don’t look good on the paper. But people love the euphoria behind them. Emotions come into the picture and the stocks start rising
  • We don’t need to have an IQ of Einstein or Newton to invest. Investing is simple. Formulae make it complex
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth plunged by $18 Billion yesterday. A decline of 20-30% has happened in the past too. That too with strongest of the strongest stocks. It’s always better to be psychologically prepared to face such drawdowns
  • The quality holding will always bear the brunt of the noise in the market. Its price may fall down in the short-term but in the long-term, it will always stand tall
  • If you are investing through SIP route, never stop following the process. Have faith in the Indian economy and stay disciplined with your approach. You’ll surely get rewarded


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