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Weekend Thoughts – 6


  • One of the biggest challenges I have ever come across is to manage my emotions during the downsides. Even a fundamentally strong stock can go southwards due to weak sentiments. But the emotions that lead to panic selling need to be kept under check
  • A 4-letter word, WAIT, has an immense magical power to make you filthy rich, provided that you are ready to wait
  • Whenever an entrepreneur tries to enter a diversified segment, he gets a thumbs down from the investors. But personalities like Ajay Piramal have done it beautifully. Migrating from Textile to Pharma was itself a huge diversification. And his track record speaks on its own
  • Keep following the process of disciplined investing without worrying much about the outcome. You’ll surely get rewarded in the long-term
  • The difference between how you think you’ll behave and how you really behave during a downside is a deciding factor behind creating wealth
  • Life is of no use if what we all have is just money but no happiness. And if we are really content with what we have, we won’t be able to practice growth. Shouldn’t we live a happily unsatisfied life?
  • Long-term investing consists of many dry spells of zero or negative returns. Don’t get frustrated. After every dry spell, there comes a time when you get remarkable returns in just a few months. Just wait and stay
  • What really matters: Positive Long-Term Returns. What doesn’t really matter: Negative Short-Term Returns


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