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Weekend Thoughts – 5


  • We wish to reap all the benefits of a bull market without bearing even an iota of the brunt in a bear market.
  • In the hindsight, it looks fairly easy that one should have invested at the bottom of the market to reap maximum benefits. But in reality, it’s too tough to time the market.
  • A concentrated portfolio can do much better than the market average when the times are good. And much worse when the times are not good.
  • While trying to beat the market, more often we fall into a trap where the market beats us down.
  • A lot of investors invest in 15-20 schemes just for the sake of reducing risks. It doesn’t make sense. There is no point in over-diversification across the funds when a single fund itself is well-diversified.
  • We live in an era where the abundance of information is just a click away. It’s up to us how we filter the relevant data out of it and skip the non-essentials.
  • Since you don’t have the pressure to present the performance report card in the short-term, you can win. Since you don’t have the restriction to buy a large or small-cap, you can win. Since you can wait for the better deals and sit idle on cash, you can win.
  • Focus primarily on your behavior, not the market behavior.
  • If you believe that volatility is risky then not investing is a lot riskier.


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