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Economic Slowdown

Economic Slowdown

RMCTalks – The Psychology Behind Economic Slowdown



Welcome to RMCTalks – My Weekly Newsletter.


First thing first.


5 Interesting Stories of the Week


M: The secretive hedge fund of Jim Simons outperforms Warren Buffett over the past 3 decades by 16%; Facebook is one of its biggest holdings

T: The Dallol (Ethiopia) turns out to be the most unlivable place on Earth; research affirms that the existence of liquid water doesn’t necessarily mean the presence of life

W: Mc. Donald’s issues a full-page advertisement – “Stuck with Ghiya-Tori Again? Make the 1+1 Combo you love.”  to promote its new junk food; FSSAI sends a show-cause notice; says such ads are against national efforts to encourage healthy eating habits

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