Weekend Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts – 4


  • Be cautious with your life savings whenever you hear about a hot stock-pick from someone. Don’t just invest blindly. Do your own research.
  • You are a smart investor if you believe that timing the market is totally worthless.
  • The real fun is in buying quality and waiting.
  • Speculation brings Excitement but highly Dangerous. Investing brings Boredom but highly Rewarding in the long-term.
  • Sachin Tendulkar won his maiden ICC World Cup in his 6th attempt. He continued his investment process over a period of 22 years. Dasrath Manjhi continued his process for 22 years to carve a 110-meter long path deep through a mountain. If they can, we too can. Stay Invested.
  • Mr. Market gives us an opportunity to invest in a business of our own choice even if we don’t have enough capital to start our own business.
  • First of all, we buy them at their peaks in late 2017. And then, we sell them when they fall down in 2018.
  • I have observed that people have become a lot more cautious in 2018 when the stocks have started falling down. I didn’t notice the same emotions when stocks were rising in 2017 since they were a lot riskier then.
  • A stock going up always attracts our attention while it scares us a bit when goes down. And during this whole process, we take our decision based on how we feel, not what we know.


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