Behind The Curtains – A Candid Conversation With Ravichand, Stock and Ladder

Behind The Curtains - Stock and Ladder


Ravi is an Individual Investor, Investment Blogger, and an Avid Reader who is passionately following and investing in the Indian Markets since 1998. He believes in owning a concentrated portfolio of truly outstanding companies (run by honest management) acquired at a fair price. He blogs at and actively tweets @stocknladdr


Let’s get some insights about his investing journey


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story of a small and midcap investor

Story of a Small and Mid-Cap Investor

2017 will be remembered as a year when most of us had boarded the Small & Midcap train. Why? To travel the runway as far as possible with a fire of sentiments and emotions. Ignoring the fundamentals, I had never even bothered to analyze the business prospects of a company. Neither its corporate structure nor the governance model. Not even the cash flows and debt levels, let alone the credentials of its promoters.

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long term approach

Hard to Observe in the Short-Term. Difficult to Ignore in the Long-Term

For the initial 5-6 years, Chinese Bamboo Grass doesn’t grow an inch. It requires a lot of nurture, care, water, and soil fertility to grow slowly and expand within the soil. The visible signs of its growth are not noticeable in those initial 5-6 years.


Years of its inactivity scare us and test our patience level. And then, the growth level it achieves in the next 5-6 weeks, is phenomenal. Our tolerance gets rewarded when it grows by 70-80 feet in just 5-6 weeks.


Hard to observe in the short-term. Difficult to ignore in the long-term.


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