Little Efforts Compound Over Time

At the age of 3, Sangram Singh was diagnosed with a severe arthritis problem. Not only it made his bones weaker, but his immune system failed to respond to the external medication too.


So severe was the complication that it started paralyzing his whole body. Having lost his ability to move his body parts, he was confined to a wheelchair for the next 10 years of his life.


During this phase, he started developing the desire to become a wrestler as he used to watch his brother practicing it daily at a local Akhara (a wrestling ring made up of sandbeds).


The fire in his eyes made him share his dream of becoming a wrestler with one of the mentors there.


And thus, started the journey of a wheelchair-ridden child towards becoming a World Wrestling Champion.


Every single day for the next few years, he was given hourly physiotherapy sessions under his mentor’s supervision at home. Bit-by-bit, with a daily dose of motivational speeches, he was exposed to a medication of ayurvedic herbs and put on a healthy diet.


Minutes-by-minutes, these little efforts compounded over time and started mobilizing his body parts.


Hour-by-hour, these little efforts compounded over time and gave him the strength and confidence to start moving without any support.


Day-by-Day, these little efforts compounded over time and he went on to win the Commonwealth World Heavyweight Championship in 2015 & 2016.


Image: Sangram Singh wins World  Championship | Source: The Indian Express


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More often, we pay our attention to the massive things but fail to observe the microscopic efforts that add to the results over a period of time.


In the financial world too, the importance of little efforts isn’t realized until they start generating the results in a substantial fashion. And a tendency to believe that the game of investing is purely for people with loads of money often leads to the avoidance of practicing those little efforts.


Now consider this for a while.


Most of us grossly underestimate the value of a Re.1 coin that we receive as a change from a grocery store or a vegetable vendor. But a little effort of putting it to work every day can generate breathtaking results.


Starting today, when invested every day at 8% per annum for the next 45 years, your loose change has the capability to generate Rs.1.62 Lakh. With a Rs.2 coin, it’s Rs.3.24 Lakh. With a coin of 5, it’s Rs.8.11 Lakh. And with a Rs.10 coin, it’s Rs.16.23 Lakh.


A little effort of building a long-term investing mindset puts us on a road that leads to the wealth creation.


It ensures that we start the process with the whatsoever little amount we have. With a multi-years of discipline, our little efforts add up and help us accomplish substantially great.


On the other hand, no one loves to appreciate the idea of following a process for multi-years or decades. Instant result is what we anticipate.


For instance, we love it when we binge on a Chocolate Brownie topped with a scoop of Vanilla Icecream.




Because its immediate effect tastes delicious to the tongue. Such a rewarding and spontaneous after-effect has an immense potential to force us to convert it into a regular habit. But we never understand that this little effort of binging on a sugary product compounds too over a period of time and affects us negatively.


Day-by-day, we keep on adding the layers of fat to our body and make it prone to the health-related issues. 


We love to brag about the big things but our little efforts deserve our token of appreciation too. 


A little effort of staying a bit more patient is all you need to outperform an average investor. A little effort of ignoring the irrelevant media attention is all you require to avoid selling the quality stocks in your portfolio. A little effort of controlling your emotions is enough to stay the course. A little effort of taking a few smart decisions is sufficient to do well over time.


When bundled with a do-nothing approach, a little effort of enduring the long-term boredom process is adequate to defeat an individual with an IQ of 150 but little patience.


Over a period of time, Mr. Market rewards the individuals considerably well who continue practicing these little efforts.


* * *


Most of us plan to read a book but find it extremely challenging to finish it up in a single shot.


However, a little effort of reading a few pages every day can do the wonders. Shane Parish of Farnam Street Blog advises reading a minimum of 25-pages a day. But if you find it unmanageable due to other commitments, you can reduce the count to 15.


By following this system, with no more than 15-pages a day, you can finish the complete set of The Lord of the Rings (1728 pages) in 3.5 months. Sherlock Holmes (536 Pages) in 1.5 months. Harry Potter Series (3400 Pages) in 7.5 months.


With this little effort, you can consume the best fictional writings written by one of the best writers in the World. That too simply in 1-year! And not just fictions. You can read whatever seems interesting to you. Psychology, Philosophy, History or whatever subject you love to follow. 


Slowly, when you get habitual of this process, it becomes a part of your daily routine while ensuring that you go to sleep a bit wiser every night.


This is how little efforts compound over time. Slowly. Steadily. Surely.


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