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12 Indian Investors. 12 Investing Philosophies. In just 1-Sentence

The father of Alexander the Great, King Phillip II, was ensuring victories on the battlefield. One by one, he went on capturing the great cities of Greece. Athens and Thebes had been conquered. But Laconia City was still a distant dream. He was ready to attack. So were the 300 Spartans to shield the city with their double-edged swords.


Before launching a monstrous attack on the Spartans, he decided to send Spartans a note. A note saying:

“You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city.”


To which, the Spartans replied:



Just, If. A one-word warning that if Phillip ever tried to attack, the Spartans would chop his head off. A one-word threat that if Phillip ever stepped in, the handful of Spartans would beat the shit out of his army. A short, crisp, and laconic threat.


Although King Phillip’s army had zillions of arrows that could even hide the sun. Yet Phillip preferred to bypass Laconia. He couldn’t gather the courage to attack. Neither him nor his son – Alexander the Great.


Just one word did the magic!


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I have always admired the idea of conveying messages in as few words as possible. Whenever I write an article, I spend a lot more time trimming it down. By shorting sentences. And removing unnecessary words. 


Even legendary investors have expressed their powerful strategies in just a few words. Consider Late Mr. Jack Bogle. His piece of advice; buy an index fund and stay the course; has done wonders for millions of American investors.


On similar lines, I requested my friends from the investing fraternity to share their philosophies. In just 1 sentence. Or just a few words. Believe me, expressing everything in just a few words is a lot more difficult than writing 10 pages.


Here they are:


Fundamental Investor

Fundamental Investor, FI

“Begin as an Employee under an Experienced Employer, Work Smart, Learn, Grow, Earn Well, Avoid Debt, Invest “Aggressively” every month for 15 years and be Financially Independent afterward”


Neeraj Marathe

Neeraj Marathe, Equity Investor

“Protect your capital and invest only in what you understand”


Vivek Mashrani

Vivek Mashrani, CFA & Founder at TechnoFunda

“Buy B2B businesses with low-cost moats having a long runway and re-invest cashflows at high RoCE”


Safir Anand

Safir Anand, Growth Investor

“When the long term is a friend and short term an enemy, stick to your friend”



Geordie, Entrepreneur & Equity Investor

“The higher the market opportunity, the lesser is the concern about division on the basis of small cap and large cap; the higher the growth visibility and the longer I can see the growth’s endurance, the lesser is the intolerance towards price-based value buys.”


Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar, Financial Blogger at EightTwentyInvestor

“Plan for goals, decide asset allocation, automate savings and hibernate!”


Amit Gadre

Amit Gadre, SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

“When you buy any stock, think as if you are the owner of the business; Err, Analyze, Improvise, and Repeat”


Ghanisht Nagpal

Ghanisht Nagpal, Convener at Delhi Investors Association

“Talk to everyone who is a part of the company’s ecosystem and match whatever is there on a company’s balance with on ground realities”


Larissa Fernand

Larissa Fernand, Editor at Morningstar

“Stay diversified, focused, put savings to work and don’t get attached to your stocks”


Unseen Value

Unseen Value, Equity Investor

“Look down before you look up as future is unpredictable”


Pankaj Baid

Pankaj Baid, Traveler & Value Investor

“Successful Investing is about getting the right mindset that contributes to a higher success rate while the rest is just mechanics!”



Vivek, Equity Investor

“Buy great businesses at a fair value and sell based on the opportunity cost”



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The cover image has been taken from Process Street


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