Interesting Things I Learned in May 2019

10 Interesting Things I Learned in May 2019

Last month, I picked up several interesting things. Some are exciting. A few are fresh. While several others have the potential to alter the lifestyle. These are the insights that I learn from the blogs I follow. The newspapers I read. And the magazines I flip. I hope you find them appealing too 🙂


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1. Don’t just write words. Write music: As a writer, don’t let the readers lose interest when they read your stuff. Change the sentence length. Sometimes, write short ones. The other times’, medium. Add diversity to the writing style. Use a combination of short, medium, and long sentences.


Make it entertaining. Make it musical. Let it please their ears. This is one of the best writing lessons I have learned from 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing by Gary Provost.

how to improve writing

Image: Writing Tips by Gary | Source: Twisted Sifter


2. Kill Cancer Cells with Intermittent Fasting: Cancerous cells are a big foodie. They consume about 25-30 times of food what normal cells usually consume. And by reducing the intake, one can scale down the growth of these cancer cells. Thus comes in picture the concept of intermittent fasting. Through this practice, you don’t change what you eat. You change the way when you eat.


Eat the 1st meal at 8:00 AM. 2nd at 6:00 PM. Nothing in between. Just water. Either every day or an alternate day. During this self-imposed starvation, the normal cells can survive. While the cancer cells can’t. They just can’t.


The research study can be found here.


3. Keto Diet Cures The Hallucinations of a 70-Year Old Woman: While following keto, fewer carbs are consumed. Preferably 20-40 grams per day. Protein intake is restricted. During this time, the brain functions by consuming ketones (not glucose) that are produced by the liver. In fact, 70% of its energy is fulfilled by the ketones.


Interestingly, the same diet is believed to have cured a 70-year old woman who was diagnosed with a mental disorder, schizophrenia, at the age of 17. Regular visual hallucinations. Disorganized speech. Emotional instability. She used to see the skeletons all around and hear voices that would instruct her to hurt herself.


When antipsychotic drugs didn’t work, her psychiatrist advised her to try keto.


After 8 days of low-carb diet regimen, she confessed to having less number of hallucinations. After 11 more days, she stopped seeing the skeletons. She was no longer hearing hallucinating sounds. Interesting, isn’t it?


Her case study can be read here.


4. How Camera Lenses Make You Look Fatter: With an increase in focal length, the camera lens adds 10 pounds to our portrait. Thus, makes us look fatter than we actually are. Starting from 20mm to 200mm, the below gif shows how the face gets transformed with a change in a camera lens.


And thanks to David Perell for sharing this amazing animated image on his blog.


How Camera Lens Change Your Face

Image: Camera Lens Adds 10 Pounds | Source: @JimZub

So, next time when you look fat in a picture, you already know who to blame 😛


5. Warren Buffett’s Best Advice to Jeff Bezos: We are surrounded by people who believe in quick results. Eating a choco-candy bar as it tastes good instantaneously. Ordering food on Swiggy as it brings food in less than 30-40 minutes. Buying or selling stocks for a quick short-term profit. Everyone wants to be rich in a year or two. No one desires to wait. Nobody wants to get rich slow.


On the other hand, wealth creation through compounding is a slow process.  With 100% patience and 0% emotions, this can be accomplished.


And this is what Warren Buffett told Amazon’s Jeff Bezos when he was asked, “Why doesn’t everyone just copy your simple investment process in order to get rich?


Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett

Image: Warren’s Advice to Bezos | Source: Spills Spot


6. Frozen Air Bubbles in a Lake: Deep down in Abraham Lake (Canada), the plants react with bacteria. Consequently, organic matter breaks down. Gets decomposed. And Methane gas is released. Being lighter than air, it looks for a way out. And crawls towards the outer surface of the lake.


During the Siberian-cold winter, when the lake shivers and freezes, the gas struggles a bit to move. Throughout this process, the movements of the bubbles turn out to be spectacular.


They get trapped beautifully under water. And create a pattern that looks magnificent to the naked eyes. Nature is awesome. It really is.



Image: Frozen Air Bubbles | Source: Earthporm


7. The Flattest Country in the World: Maldives – a paradise on the Earth. A fairy honeymoon destination for the newlywed couples. Do you know that it also happens to be the flattest country in the World?


If not, let me tell you: it has a maximum sea elevation of just 2.5 meters. It’s the place where the World’s first underwater Cabinet meeting has ever happened. No business suits were worn. No neckties. Just scuba merchandise and oxygen cylinders.


And this is how it looks. A colorful drop surrounded by the blue Indian Ocean.



Image: Maldives | Source: Photorator


8. Monkeys and Bananas: Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma says, “If you put Bananas and Money in front of Monkeys, monkeys will choose Bananas because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of Bananas.”


Likewise, if asked to choose between Money and Time, people will choose the former. Because they are entirely unaware that with Time they can earn more Money in the future.


Furthermore, between a Job and Business, they’ll preferably choose a Job because they fail to realize that a Business can earn more money in the long-term.


Read more of it here.


9. Best Art Project Ever? The Idea Fund provides monetary support to individual artists, collaboratives, or partnerships. A few years ago, it came up with an exciting art project. By leveraging compounding, it intends to build a time machine. A machine that would help people see from the future. But how?


Well, it aims to invest $1000 in a low-cost index fund by forming a legal trust. That too for the next 500 years. Even at a humble 3% return, it will compound to $262 Billion. Then, it will be used in building a Time Machine. And for other scientific research purposes.


And what if a custodian steals? A question that still has got no answer.


10. Getting Ahead by Being Inefficient: By being perfect, we restrict ourselves from expanding our knowledge base. We feel hesitant to adapt to the change in the environment. But living in a world, where the technology changes every second, perfection in one domain is not going to take us far.


Consider the case of a Finnish company – Nokia. It used to be the market leader in smartphones. Nokia 6600. N73. The Communicator. Perfect models running on a perfect Symbian OS. And then, Android entered the arena.


Nokia refused to adapt. It rejected the idea of having an interactive UI. It failed to sense the need for seamless internet surfing experience. And rather, continued its journey with outdated in-house applications and underpowered hardware.


What eventually happened? It was dethroned. It succumbed to its own perfection.


On the contrary, Android continued improvising its technology, core software utilities, kernel modifications, and other key specifications where it lagged initially. It adopted the change and grabbed a worldwide market share of 75%. 


When you routinely put yourself in situations where you aren’t the most skilled, you learn, you grow, and eventually you adapt.

You build your repertoire of traits and talents. So when change hits, you have a wide array of skills. This flexibility can also give you the confidence to seek change.

~Farnam Street


More on it here: Getting Ahead by Being Inefficient



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The cover image has been taken from Whooos Reading


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