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Hard to Observe in the Short-Term. Difficult to Ignore in the Long-Term

For the initial 5-6 years, Chinese Bamboo Grass doesn’t grow an inch. It requires a lot of nurture, care, water, and soil fertility to grow slowly and expand within the soil. The visible signs of its growth are not noticeable in those initial 5-6 years.


Years of its inactivity scare us and test our patience level. And then, the growth level it achieves in the next 5-6 weeks, is phenomenal. Our tolerance gets rewarded when it grows by 70-80 feet in just 5-6 weeks.


Hard to observe in the short-term. Difficult to ignore in the long-term.


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A few Nomads from the Stone Age moved to the Neolithic Era. They developed technology, built houses, spread the cities, nourished mankind and communities. And look where we are today. Since the formation of Earth (4.5 Billion Years ago), we have covered a lot of distance.


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With an evolution of different living species, humans have spread from Africa to various parts of Earth. Agricultural Revolution, Industrial Progression, Emergence of Language and other signs, Domestication, Formation of Cities and Kingdoms, we have achieved a lot. The things we can access today took a lot of time to appear.


Hard to observe in the short-term. Difficult to ignore in the long-term.


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Just like Rome, the Grand Canyon of Chambal Valley (shown below) wasn’t formed in a day. It’s a product of an incredible chain of natural events that have been happening in the past. It took thousands of years to get transformed the way it looks today.


compounding in nature

Image Source: Rajasthan Tourism


The phenomenal shapes and curves are the result of thousands of years of erosion. Even the hardest of the rocks couldn’t fight the flow of water and eventually, over a period of thousands of years of erosion, bent its knees and allowed the water to make its own path of 960 km.


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Hard to observe in the short-term. Difficult to ignore in the long-term.


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The idea behind these examples is to tell you the significance of the magical power of the long-term approach. One such beautiful concept is Compounding which takes years to come into the picture. And it’s really hard to observe during the initial stages.


This same concept is the core of Investing. It takes years to get fruitful results through the process of compounding. Until then, the frustration and patience levels get tested. But eventually, the waiting period gets rewarded handsomely when you see your wealth getting built slowly and steadily. By delaying short-term gratifications and focusing on long-term process, you can build a huge wealth.


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90% of Warren Buffett’s wealth was built after his 50th birthday. Hard to observe in the short-term. Difficult to ignore in the long-term.


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P.S. – The title of this post has been taken from the words of Nick Maggiuili, The Constant Reminder



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