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Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings

Born in a family of poor farm laborers in 1962, Arunachalam Murugnanthan lost his father when he was 1o. Stuck in extreme poverty, he dropped out of the school when he was 14 and started supporting his family financially by taking up various jobs as a machine operator, welder, and laborer. 

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Little Efforts Compound Over Time

At the age of 3, Sangram Singh was diagnosed with a severe arthritis problem. Not only it made his bones weaker, but his immune system failed to respond to the external medication too. So severe was the complication that it started paralyzing his whole body. Having lost his ability to move his body parts, he was confined to a wheelchair for the next 10 years of his life.

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The Art of Doing Nothing Cover Image

The Art of Doing Nothing

Brooklyn, 1893: Anne Scheiber, born in 1893, was an auditor at IRS and pocketed not more than $4,000 a year. Being a Jewish as well as a woman, she was never promoted in her career. After having retired in 1944 with a lump sum amount of $5,000 and an annual pension of $3,100 per year, she had nothing but all the time to study and analyze the financial statements of the companies.

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When Left Untouched - RichifyMeClub

When Left Untouched

The citizens of Ukraine will never forget the date of 26th April 1986. Almost 32 years ago, at midnight, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Reactor had exploded due to a faulty devised experiment. As per the reports, the power regulatory systems were shut down and the graphite rods were withdrawn from the core by the untrained personnel. Such blunders worsened the situation and magnified the impact of chain reactions that were occurring inside the reactor.

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One Thing

ONE Thing

When most of us plan to retire by the time we reach the age of 60, Colonel Sanders was about to start his journey of global stardom and financial success at the age of 66. And all this was going to happen because he had wrapped up a major part of his life around ONE Thing – Fried Chicken.

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Invisible Factor That No One Thinks About

An Invisible Factor That No One Thinks About

Robin Williams, an American actor, and comedian, was best known for performing improvisational or unscripted roles on television and stage. The versatile characters he played in movies like Dead Poet’s Society, Jumanji, Good Will Hunting, Night at the Museum, etc. are few of the well known comic acts to the millions of movie buffs and his fans.

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