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Before I start talking about what’s there in store for you, let me tell you something about which you’ll definitely not get through RichifyMeClub.


I am not one of those business news channel trading analysts who keep hurling stock ideas at you and recommend buy-and-sell ideas consistently. Besides, you won’t find any how-to-do guide that tells you the step-by-step process to invest for the short-term.


No complex mathematical calculations and valuation metrics. 


Neither I have the ability to predict when the market is going to crash nor I have the talent to guess the duration of the bull market. Besides, you won’t get any hot tips or the next Page Industries idea from RichifyMeClub to accumulate multi-bagger returns.


If you are in the league of investors who wish to follow the get-rich-quick ideology, I am really sorry to say that this website doesn’t have anything to offer of that sort. 


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What Is It All About?


RichifyMeClub offers a free membership alliance to the investors who wish to build an enormous long-term wealth through Simplified Investing Strategies, Discipline, Patience and Emotional Intelligence.


All you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter and follow the twitter handle RichifyMeClub. The posts I publish on this platform will surely motivate you to alter your focus from capturing little short-term profits to building a long-term strategy of wealth creation. They’ll help you make rational decisions while investing your hard-earned money. 


I write about value investing, developing the right mindset, following a discipline-driven process, human psychology, behavior patterns, and investment philosophies that work behind wealth creation.


Through the posts, I am trying to share what all little I know and what all I’ll learn during my journey.


By reading the articles, you’ll free yourself from the shackles of checking the stock prices every minute and devise a long-term wealth-building approach instead. After all, you don’t need an IQ of Einstein or Newton to build wealth.


A simple approach is enough. Controlling your behavior is definitely one of them.


The messages I wish to convey through these posts are the ones that will have relevance beyond today. These are the posts that keep me on track.


And I believe in all the things that I have written so far on this platform.


Be a part of the journey and let’s build an ecosystem of like-minded people who believe in building long-term wealth, slowly and steadily.


After all, you need to get rich once in your lifespan. What’s the need to hurry? 


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Before I wrap up, I would like to thank you for showing your love towards RichifyMeClub. This motivates me to write quality stuff and present it to you with vivid examples.


Moreover, I love talking about investments as a subject through public speeches.


If you ever wish to get a speech delivered, you can always reach out to me at richifymeclub@gmail.com. I’ll be really glad to deliver it to your place and motivate people to invest. Believe me, you won’t get bored!


Thanks and Regards,

Dhruv Girdhar, RichifyMeClub

Certified Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst, Moody’s



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