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March 2017

Invest for the Long Term

Don’t Forget the Golden Rule: Save for the Short-Term. Invest for the Long-Term.


Before delving deep into this topic, let’s first understand the difference between the two.


As per my experience, I understand that a lot of people get confused between terms, Savings and Investing.


Saving is when you keep your money aside in a non-risky financial product in order to use it for short-term goals such as buying a beautiful wrist watch in 6 months.

Investing is when you keep your money in a risky financial product and aim to grow your money in the long-term.


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Cook Food At Home and Build Wealth

How My Uncle Grew His Net Worth By 50.57 Lakhs By Cooking At Home


Guys, today I will tell you a story of my uncle who inspires a lot of young people in terms of building wealth. He started his professional journey in 1993 when he got an internship at Khaitan Electricals, New Delhi. During his initial days of internship, he relocated to New Delhi with a stipend of Rs.6000 per month. As he used to live alone, he couldn’t save much as most of his salary used to be spent on paying rent and eating food outside. Being a foodie, he used to shell out almost Rs.3500 every month on his food.


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How To Earn Crores

How Veeru Aims To Earn 1.14 Crore By Saving Just 10% Of His Salary


Yes, my friend, you heard that right. You can earn crores too. That too with just 10% of your salary. I’ll show you how Veeru, by saving just 10% of his salary, will accumulate a huge amount of Rs.1.14 Crore. Let me take you on a life journey of Jai & Veeru.


Jai, who has just stepped into a corporate job directly from college, starts earning a handsome salary of Rs.25000 per month. He keeps on buying unwanted materialistic stuff, parties in 5-star discotheques to impress his female partners, spends way more than his monthly income and continues to be in debt without saving even a single penny. Being unaware of the fact that life is uncertain, he keeps on maintaining his lavish lifestyle. He doesn’t even bother about building an Emergency Fund and thus makes his life miserable.


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Are You Ready To Retire Rich?

Are You Ready To Retire Rich?


Well, talking about retirement is still a taboo among youngsters. The moment they come across the word “Retirement”, they start reacting weirdly as if they have been asked to submit their property papers. For them, imagining about retirement is boredom. They perceive retirement planning as the most tiring part of their life.


One fine evening, while on my way back home, I was having a casual conversation with my workmate about our financial conditions.


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