What Chanakya Niti Teaches Us About Investing

A native of South India, Acharya Chanakya was a Minister at the local court of the Nanda Dynasty. During his tenure, he played a key role of a strategist, an administrator, an economist, and a shrewd politician. He did whatever he could do to strengthen the whole kingdom. But rarely he was found in agreement with the dynasty’s ruler, Dhana Nanda.

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The Amazing Power of The Long Game Plan

The Amazing Power of The Long-Game Plan

In 1964, Gary Flandro stated that the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune – would align in a rare pattern in the late 1970s. And NASA scientists really wanted to catch hold of such event that occurred only once in 2 centuries. 176 years to be very precise. But how? By launching a mission that would take a road trip towards these giant marbles. In less time. With less cost.

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Shagun Jain, Liberated Soul

Behind The Curtains – A Candid Conversation With Shagun Jain, Liberated Soul

Shagun Jain is a CA and an MBA Professional in Finance from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute, Mumbai. In this conversation, he candidly shares how he lost 90% of his wealth from the core holding in his portfolio. He talks about his fascination with turn-around companies and how he picks them up for investment. On top of that, he actively shares his wisdom on how to tackle volatility and take advantage of such situations. He also writes his blog posts at Liberated Soul and tweets actively at @liberatedsoul3.

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Wealth is What We Don't See

Wealth is What We Don’t See

Curt Degerman spent his adult life collecting plastic cans from the trash bins. Being a ragpicker, he never paid even a single penny for a meal. He consumed whatsoever unconsumed food he found in the bins of restaurants. Neither he married. Nor he had a family of his own. Just lived a solitary life. For forty long years, he cycled across his town in Sweden, picked up cans and exchanged them with a recycling plant for money.

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