rafale controversy

RMCTalks – The Curious Case of Rafale Deal Controversy

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5 Short Stories of the Week


M: Shiv Sena breaks 30-years old friendship with BJP to form State Govt; Sharad Pawar plays the masterstroke; Governor enforces President Rule in the state

T: The Nation celebrates Guru Nanak Devji’s 550th Birth Anniversary

W: CJI Office comes under RTI Act 

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What’s Up?

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Welcome to RMCTalks – A Weekly Newsletter


5 Short Stories of the Week


M: Un-sold housing inventory in Noida reduces by 27%

T: Toxic air chokes Delhi’s tourism business

W: FM Nirmala Seetharaman provides Rs.25K Crore real estate fund

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What is the Cost of Lies

What is the Cost of Lies?

Valery Legasov.  The chief of a commission investigating the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Before committing suicide, he records his words in audiotapes.  With a cup of tea, an ashtray and a Soviet-era cassette recorder, he says:


“What is the cost of lies?”

“It’s not that we will mistake them for the truth.  The real danger is that, if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all.”

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Interesting Things Learned in June 2019

7 Interesting Things I Learned in June 2019

Last month, I picked up several interesting things. Some are exciting. A few are fresh. While several others have the potential to alter the lifestyle. These are the insights that I learn from the blogs I follow. The newspapers I read. And the magazines I flip. I hope you find them appealing too 🙂

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Short Investing Rules

23 Tiny Rules of Investing

1. Stories are favored in the short-term. Fundamentals outperform such stories in the long-term.


2.  We are overly-diversified if we can’t even remember the names of the funds and stocks we hold in our portfolios.

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